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1): Personality Identifications


2):Titles and Membership in Professional Associations


3):Past Education


4):Innovations in Urban and Regional Planning and Tourism Planning



5):Employment Records†††††††††††††††


6): Published Books


7):Published Persian Language Articles


8): Published International English Language Articles


9): Papers & Searching activities ( Un Published )


10): Summary of Thesis for Masterís Degree





1: Personality Identifications:

        First name: Masoud

        Last name: Masoumi

        Fatherís name: Hossein

        Nationality: Iranian

        Occupation: Manager of Urban Planning & Architecture Section of Technical Office of Governors Office of a Tehran Province.

        Birth day: 23 August 1970

        Gender: male

        Marital situation: single


        Web site: (Please see up to date resume on this web site.)

      Mailing Address: Apartment No12- 4th floor-Number 6-Yaas alley-9th street of Baharestan-Shahrak Mabaas- Southern JANNAT ABAD Street- TEHRAN-I.R.IRAN. postal cod: 1478779441

      Phone Number: 0098 - (0912  550 12 69 )



2. Titles and Membership in Professional Associations:

        Founder of Mixed use Parks (Emergency Parks) in Islamic Republic of Iran.

These Parks defined in Iran as a land use in urban planning and disaster Management. Its usage in peace time is as a usual park or green space. But in disaster time we can use it as a space for settlement.

        Member of a Department of Justice Official Expert.( in Urban Planning Category)

        Member of a Book House of Islamic Republic of Iran.

        Member of a Tehran Province Building Engineering Regularity Organization. ( In Urban Planning Category ).

        Model of a Officer in Technical Office of a Tehran Governorship in 2011.

        Member of Iranian Saraie-Ahle-Ghalam.( Authors House).

        Member of Iran Book House

        Official Judicial Expert in Urban Planning (Urban Planning) of Iranian Judgment Ministry.

        Member of Engineering System Organization in Tehran Province in Urban Planning. (Base one)

        Member of the research group of violations of Board of Directors to investigate violations of staff of Provincial Government and subsidiary departments (from 2009 to 1395)

        Member of Iranian Society of Urban planners

        Honorary Member of the Department of Urban Planning - Engineering System Organization of Building in Tehran.

        Member of the Council of Fruit-Vegetables Fields of Malard. (Since 2009 to now)
Expert of Technical Office of
Provincial Government in 2011.

        Member of the Specialized Committee of Urban Planning- Center of Affairs of Legal Advisers, Lawyers, and Official Judiciary Experts. (This committee is responsible for reviewing and awarding the competence of urban planning experts as well as investigating experts' violations).

        Member of the Board of Organization of Improvement and Modernization of Worn Texture of Shahriar City (from 2010 to 2013)

        Member of the Commission of Article 100 of Golestan Municipality Law in Tehran Province. (2013 to 2015)

        Member of the Commission of Article 100 of Four Municipality Law in the province of Tehran (2015 to now). This commission is responsible for dealing with construction violations and is considered a kind of administrative court.


3: Past Education:

       A. Diploma: (1995-1998) Shahid Beheshti High School/ Hamadan/ Ghorveh Darjazin /  IRAN.

       B. Bachelorís degree: Geography & Urban planning field of study.(1998-1992).Tabriz University /         IRAN.

      C. Masterís degree: Urban & Regional Planning (1995-Feb 2000) Shahid Beheshty University / Architectural & Urban Planning College / IRAN.


4. Innovations in Urban and Regional Planning and Tourism Planning:

4-1) - Innovator and Scientific Reference of Electronic Tourism. The definition of compilation and publication of an article titled Electronic Tourism or (E-tourism) in Iran in the Journal of Aviation in: Journal of Transportation Industry, August 2004, pp. 70-72.

4-2) Ė Innovator, definition and approval of multi-functional parks or mixed use parks officially in Tehran and Iran. (Multi-functional parks have two main functions: in the event of crisis, they are used for temporary settlement and relief and rescue services in normal times as a park and green space. The proposal was presented to the High Council of Urban planning and Architecture of Iran and applied in Note 3 below the Decree dated 2010 of the High Council of Urban planning and Architecture of Iran as explanation plan of users.


4-3) - Innovator and provider of the idea of public parking division with the possibility of issuing six-dong document for each parking from public parking. This approach leads to the possibility of selling and transferring and booming public parking. The instruction is compiled and communicated to all devices.

4-4) - Knowledge and scientific introduction "Expectation Tourism" in the field of tourism planning. This issue was published in an article in Belgium.

4-5) Ė Presenting the idea of aggregation of description of services of "comprehensive urban projects" with "Restoration and improvement projects of worn textures" and "Empowerment plans of informal settlements" to Ministry of Roads and Urban Development that was welcomed by the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development and led to a change in the description of services and integration of "empowerment schemes of informal settlements" with "Detailed Projects of Improvement of Worn Texture" and the New Concept of Inefficient Texture and Stabilization of Residences by Ministry of Roads and Urban Development.

4-6) - Providing the idea of extending the validity period for the approvals of Commissions of Article (5) and the group work of Infrastructure and Urban Development that was confirmed and approved by the Planning and Development Council of Tehran.

4-7) - Providing the idea of compensation of ownership rights of owners whose real estate is located in proposed plan of urban development projects through the determination of the criteria for the entire axis and real estate of the parties. This idea allows municipalities to attract easier the satisfaction of owners to liberalize the area located in urban passages. In this idea, fit with area of land, and the type of use, the value of land and building..., for amount of correction and expansion, some facilities are assigned to the owners. As an example, for every 2 square meters of corrective garden, 1 square meter building surplus to criteria is allocated to the owner and for every 3 square meters of land with residential user, equivalent to 1 square meter of residential space of surplus to criteria. The owner will also assign the municipality a corrective amount freely to execute passage. This method has the following benefits: (a) - The number of cases in Article 5 of the Commission is reduced. B) The administrative bureaucracy is less. C) - The municipality in responding to citizens has precedent; d) Ė Expanding passages are accelerated. This method has been applied in Pakdasht, Shahriyar and Tehran provinces

4-8) - Proposing criminalization of unauthorized construction. Unauthorized construction is one of the problems involved in urban planning and architecture in Iran and especially in Tehran province. Construction violations often lead to restitution and fines. Destruction votes are often not executed. In case of execution, it will follow negative social-financial consequences because the destruction of residential buildings and the activity of owners and citizens lead to the loss of financial resources and somehow national wealth. For this reason, I proposed "criminalization of unauthorized construction" in 2009. The subject was raised as bill and during the trip of President and the accompanying delegation to Tehran province was approved in 2009. It was decided that the ministries, the judiciary and Roads and Urban Development to be formulate a bill and submit it to the Islamic Consultative Assembly.


5: Employment Records:

Name of Organization

Period of Employment


Type of Work

Hegmataneh Cement Plant

1994 to 1995



Housing Foundation of Islamic Revolution of Iran ( Lorestan , Hamadan & West Azerbaijan Province )


1995 to 96


Rural and Village Development Planning Advisor

Iran Touring Tourism Organization ĖNational Tourism Development.


To  Feb.2,2001

Expert of Regional tourism planning


Ministry of Housing & Urban Planning / Iran construction Information Centre.(

1996to Oct.1999


Research about IT in Urban & Regional planning

Technical Office of Governors Office of Tehran Province


still working

Manager of Urban and Regional Planning & Architecture Department

Technical Affairs of Urban and Regional Planning.

(Tourism Planning, Advisor & expert of 42 City, Rural Planning )


6) Published Books

6-1: Published book.

Title: The Nature of Tourism

ISBN: 964-95736-4-X

Published by: Peik e Kosar press

Year: 2005



This is a book in 128 pages that I have published it in January in 2006. In this book I have described four essential aspects of tourism from tourism development planning points of view.

Economic, socio-cultural, environmental and political aspects are four essential aspects in this book that all tourism planners, managers, researchers and workers in Iran need getting knowledge about them.

It has 5 sections. Every aspect has described in a special section. Relationship of tourism with environment and community, Impairments and benefits are 3 important parts of sections. Final section has an overall view on tourism development and its importance in the world and special in Iran.

Contents     page

Preface     9

Introduction     15

1: Economic aspect of tourism industry     19

1-1: Economic nature of tourism     20

1-2: Important factors in economic impacts     31

1-3: Economic potentially impacts and Importance of tourism     31

1-3-1: potentially Impairments of tourism     34

1-3-1: potentially Advantages of tourism     38

1-4: The Unique tourism    41               


2: Environmental aspect of tourism industry     43

2-1: Environmental impacts and Importance of tourism     49

2-1-1: potentially Impairments of tourism     49

2-1-2: potentially Advantages of tourism     51

2-3: The Unique Tourism     53


3: Socio cultural aspect of tourism industry     55

3-1: Impacts of community on each other and their impacts on tourism     55

3-2: impacts of tourism on culture and community     60

3-3: Important factors in cultural impacts     62

3-4: community impact model     63

3-5: Importance and socio cultural potentially impacts of tourism     67

3-5-1: potentially Impairments of tourism     71

3-5-2: potentially Advantages of tourism     74

3-6: Overall policies for managing potentially negative impacts

3-7: The Unique Tourism     76


4: Political aspect of tourism industry     79

4-1: the Relationship among politic and tourism     79    

4-2: Role of government in tourism     80

4-3: Government involvement pair in tourism     81       

4-4: Role of non governmental section in tourism     82

4-5: Approaches about arriving tourist in to country

4-6: The Unique Tourism     85


5: Adding up     87

Definitions and Means     96

Resources     109

Persian-English Key words     113

English-Persian Key words     121


6-2: Published  Book

Title: An Introduction to Local, Urban & Regional Tourism Development Planning Approaches from 1935 until 2006.

ISBN: 978-964-8955-21-7

Published by: Samira Press

Year: 2009




This book is under publishing it will publish in 250 pages. In this book I have described about 10 essential approaches of tourism development planning which experienced in USA, U.K and other parts of Europe from 43 until 2006.

Approaches divided in to two essential categorizes:

1- Non integrated approaches.

2- Integrated approaches.

Non integrated approaches are as follows: .Operation research, Econometrics & P.E.R.T- C.P.M.

And integrated approaches are Master plan, Systemic analysis Approach, Structural Planning, Strategic Planning, Long range comprehensive planning, Community involvement and Sustainable development planning.

Any Approaches have described in a section.

Any section has some essential subject as: Background and history of approach, theory bases, fundamental steps and process for planning, Impairments, limitations and advantages, Experiences in other countries. It has written and gathered in 3 sections. The end section is an adding up from latest sections.

Total Contents will be as follows:




Section 1: Non- integrated Approaches. ( from 1935 until 1960)

1: Operation Research. (O.R)

2: Econometrics.

3: P.E.R.T & C.P.M.


Section 2: integrated approaches. (From 1960 until now)


4: Master plan.

5: Systemic analysis Approach.

6: Structural Planning.

7: Strategic Planning.

8: Long range comprehensive planning.

9: Community involvement.

10: Sustainable development planning.

Any Approaches have described in a section.


Section 3: Adding up

11: Adding Up

Definitions and Means


English-Persian Key words



6-3: Published  Book

Title: A Background of Tourism Development Planning in Iran. (From 1963 until 2006).

ISBN: 978-964-8955-17-0

Published by: Samira  press

Year: 2009.



This is a book about 150 pages. In this book I have described Iranian tourism development planning documents and activities and approaches from 1962 until 2006.

Iranian tourism developments planning and documents have divided in to two essential categorizes:

1- From Iranian 3rd 5 year's social economic development plan- 1963- until Islamic Revolution in 1978.

2- From Islamic revolution until 2006.

These two periods are really definitely because of changing and differences in Islamic values. Beginning war in 1980 and other problems in international politic environment were too effective in tourism development process in Iran.

Finally unfortunately the tourism section couldnít get its unique position in Iranian under developing economy. For example Iranian pair in international tourism is unacceptable yet.

Analyzing all documents is too huge activity and it needs various experts then I couldnít analyze them completely alone. Then I can name it as introductions and abstracts that could be as a base for future searching activities like this.




1-: First Section: The period before Islamic revolution.

1-1: Reasons of Beginning and continuing official planning in Iran.

1-2:  Reasons of Beginning statistical in Iran.

1-3: Reasons of Using Master planning approach in Iran.

1-4: Relative organizations in tourism planning activity in Iran.

1-4-1: Planning & budget organization.

1-4-2: Tourist attraction & advertisement organization.

1-5:  Tourism development plans before Islamic revolution.

1-5-1: Iranian 3rd 5 year's socio- economic development plan- 1963- 1966.

1-5-2: Iranian 4th 5 year's socio- economic development plan- 1968- 1972.

1-5-3: Iranian 5th 5 year's socio- economic development plan- 1973- 1977.

1-5-4: Iranian 6th 5 year's socio- economic development plan- 1978- 1983.

1-5-5: Iranian tourism master plan.

1-5-6: Battle Institute memorial Columbus s social-economic Researching.

1-5-7: Land set planning documents.

2: Second section: The period After Islamic revolution.

2-1: The period with out Official plan.

2-2: First attempts of Islamic republic government for preparing a Cultural, and socio-economic development 5 years plan.  

2-3:  Tourism development plans after Islamic revolution.

2-3-1: 1st Islamic republic of Iranian 5 year's cultural & socio- economic development plan- 1989- 1993.

2-3-2: 2nd  Islamic republic of Iranian 5 year's cultural & socio- economic development plan- 1994- 1998.

2-3-3: 3rd  Islamic republic of Iranian 5 year's cultural & socio- economic development plan- 1999- 2003.

2-3-4: 4th  Islamic republic of Iranian 5 year's cultural & socio- economic development plan- 2003- 2009.

2-3-5: Provincial tourism development plans.


3: Third Section: Adding up & suggestions

3-1: Adding Up

3-2: Suggestions




7) Published Persian Language Articles

7-1: Published Article

Title: Long Range comprehensive planning approach and its process for tourism Development planning.

        Printed in 2005.

     Name of Gathering Book: Urban planning and Architectural Scientific and professional Articles of country- first Book- Tehran-  - Pages number, 130-146.

        Publisher: Urban planning & Architectural searching center.



7-2: Published Article

Title: World habitat Day 4 October 2004

        Article published in Magazine as A&E(Architecture and  Engineering) Ėvolume 5/No 38/Oct 2004-pp60-63.

        The especial magazine of urban planning studies in IRAN.


7-3:published Article

Title: E-Tourism and its importance in tourism development

        This article published in TRANSPORTATION magazine, No237, July 2003, pp70-73.

     Phone number of magazine: 021- 8735701 Mr.H .Zarghani.


7- 4: Published Article

Title: The usage of Master planning approach in Iran and its weaknesses.

        Article published in Magazine as A&E (Architecture and Engineering) ĖNumber 28-PP 60-66.

        The especial magazine of urban planning studies in IRAN.


7-5: Published Article

Title: Sustainable Tourism development planning approach & process


In this article, the approaches of planning divided Into two categories. (Integrated and non-Integrated approaches) sustainable approach is a kind of Integrated approaches ,because it pay attention to all of elements in a system in planning activity.

In  first  the  backgrounds and history of sustainable  development & sustainable tourism development  described .then  roles  of Government  , private  section and roles of tourists in sustainable tourism planning in a region summarized.

I another part the Goals and Essentials of Sustainable tourism planning described. the 6 elements of  Sustainable tourism planning is a new mean in Iran that I got it from W.T.O(World Tourism Organization) Guide book and I used it in master tourism  planning for  Iran on 2001 in a project in I.T.T.O.(Iran Heritage & Tourism Organization)

Finally the 5 steps of Sustainable tourism planning described. The guide book of W.T.O was backgrounds of these steps .these process are different from other process that are using in Iran.

This article was delivered to office of A & E Magazine.(Sakht  Va Saz ).The said magazine

        Article published in Magazine as A&E(Architecture and  Engineering) ĖNumber 25-PP 65-69.

        The especial magazine of urban planning studies in IRAN.


7- 6: Published Article

Title: Environmental Aspect of Tourism Activity.

        Printed in 2003

        Name of Magazine: PYAM ĖE- SABZĒ(Green Message)-Scientific and educational monthly journal - Numbers :12 & 13 and 14


        Publisher Address: No. 9, Nezam Alley,Valiasre  St(under Jomhoori St)., Tehran, Iran

        Telephone: 0098 21 6960817  &   6960818



The tourism Activity has four essential matters: 1-economic. 2-socio  cultural.3-political & 4- environmental matter.

All of them are important. The environmental aspect is important too .but in 3rd world and UN developed and under developing countries the planners did not pay attention to environmental case .in these situations some environmental problems will appear and they will effect on other parts & aspects of tourism in a region as a system.

The environment is the essential background for tourism activity. and some of  sites are as attractions for tourism activity. more of tourism activities are applying  on environment. so we can get this result  that the tourism and environment  have strong  relations .and we cannot forget those relations.

The tourism activity has some effects on environment. Some articles written for description that relations and effects.

and in this article I described and argued  about  it from Urban & Regional planning view points. then I summarized some of effects with graphs. The effects divided  in to two categories:1-positive effects  and 2-negative effects.

Doing some monitoring activities such as Assessing and evaluating the effects are  necessary for planning and managing tourism .

they are very methods and ways for controlling effects. some experts worked on economic theories for controlling on negative effects and to control and improve positive results .in this article , I described one economic  theory for said mean ,with using some graphs. And I summarized the characteristics of ideal tourism from environmental view points.

Magazines numbers 12 & 13 and 14 Attached. please find Articles on pages numbers 36 & 22.



7-7: Published Article

Title: Capability and limits for Tourism Development in Hamadan Province, from Regional planning view points.

Presented in recognition commercial-economic talents gathering, Hamadan Province, Oct. 1997. It was printed in articles of the said gathering.

        Printed in 1999.

        Name of Gathering Book: recognition commercial-economic talents gathering ĖHamadan Province-Pages number, 319-348.

        Publisher: Institute for Studying and Commercial Research.

        Publisher Address: No. 240, North Karegar St., Tehran, Iran

        Telephone: 0098 21 393929


Hamadan Province, especially Hamadan bears high capability in tourism industry that lots of transitional tourism and other types of tourism visit this city.

In this research the tourism status of the said province was compares with the similar status in whole part of country based on some statistics figure and existing indicators and the manner of changing in the said industry through Hamadan province and the whole part of Iran was analyzed.

In the latter stage, by considering the existing problems and potential some solutions were stated for improving tourism industry in the said province.

More usage of statistics and the manner of categorizing (offered method of W.T.O) that is emphasizing sustainable development is distinguished characteristics of this article.



7- 8: Published Article

Title: Comparative Review on Tourism Development in Iran & some Instances from other countries

        Printed in:  2008.

        Name of Magazine: SHORAHA Magazine , 2nd year, No 20 , January 2008 , pp: 8-13.

        Publisher: Tehran Municipality



7-9: Published Article

Title: The Necessity of including related Courses with construction, Architecture as well as Urbanism in education period from Guidance school till university in Iran.


        Printed in:  2008.

    Name of Magazine: Payam e Nezam Mohandesi Magazine, 13th year, No 7 , September 2008 , pp: 37-41.

        Publisher: Tehran Engineering Organization



7- 10: Published Article

Title: A criticism on Passed Legislation of Iran Architecture & Urban Planning higher Council. Date 5/5/1388.

The article  is  About Recognizing  Urban Master Plan of cities  with a People More than 20000 .

This legislation had some essential problems. Author has described its limitations and negative effects on urban planning regularity in master plans and finally on  the Quality of life in cities with more than 200000 people. Author has shown its problems with other relevant laws , codes & passed legislations.

        Printed in:  2010.

        Name of Magazine: SHORAHA Magazine, 4th  year, , June 2010 , pp: 32-40.

        Publisher: Tehran Municipality

7-11 : Published Article

Title: Review of the Decree dated 2009 of the Supreme Council of Urban planning and Architecture in Iran "delegation of authority of adoption of comprehensive urban plans (with a population less than 100,000 people to the Planning and Development Councils of Provinces).
Subject: Urbanization - Urban and Regional Planning - Urban Law

Name of Magazine: Journal of Councils, Year 4 - July 2010- Pages 32-40

7-12: Published Article

Title: Review of the Decree dated 2007 of the Supreme Council of Urban planning and Architecture in Iran "Instructions of promotion of town-construction in the country and the way of issuing license and how utilizing them ...

Subject: Urbanization - Urban and Regional Planning - Urban Law

Name of Magazine: Scientific, Research, Educational Journal of Avay in Tehran, Number 1 Ė Summer 2016, pp. 34-35

 5-13 : Published Article

Title: Review of the Decree dated 2009 of the Supreme Council of Urban planning and Architecture in Iran "delegation of authority of adoption of comprehensive urban plans (with a population less than 100,000 people to the Planning and Development Councils of Provinces).
Subject: Urbanization - Urban and Regional Planning - Urban Law

Name of Magazine: Journal of Councils, Year 4 - July 2010- Pages 32-40


8) Published International English Language Articles

8-1: Published Article

Title: Introduction of Expectation Tourism

    Bulletin de la Sociťtť Royale des Sciences de LiŤge, Vol. 86, special edition, 2017, p. 919 Ė 928

      Acceptance letter



8-2: Published Article

Title: Innovating A New Idea Namely: Disaster Park (Multi Use Park)

   International Journal of Scientific Study , June 2017 , Vol 5 , Issue 3


      Acceptance letter


8-3: Published Article

Title: Introducing a New Idea: Severance of Public Parking in Iran

    Modern Applied Science; Vol. 11, No. 9; 2017​

      Acceptance letter


8-4: Published Article

Title: Introducing a New Practical Model for Road Widening - Experience

of Tehran Province in Iran

       The Turkish Online Journal of Design Art and Communication.  TOJDAC 

DECEMBER 2017 - ISSN: 2146-5193 - December 2017 Special Edition

DOI: 10.7456/1070DSE


      Acceptance letter




9) Papers & Searching activities ( Un Published )

 9-1:  Research & Translation

Title: Indicators of Urban Development 

 Translated to Persian language.(Farsi).     

        Research Location: This research was performed in the Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning (Iran Construction Information Center) .ICIC. (Http:// )

        Research Period: This research was performed during 1999-2000.

        Data and required figures as well as indicators descriptions were adopted from UNCHS and World Bank and translated to Persian. This research has been  saved in http: // site for two years up the end of 2001.

        Research Location(ICIC) Address : Floor, No. 9, Bijan St (Shahid Khoddami) , Valiasre St., above  Vanak Square ,Tehran, Iran

        Telephone: 0098 21 8797455  &   8797448


The indicators of Urban & regional development divided in to 6 categories (modules) as:

1.      Socioeconomic Development

2.      Infrastructure

3.      Transport

4.      Environmental Management

5.      Local Government

6.      Housing

I searched on Habitat, World Bank & Urban observatory web site and data bases.  Then I collected all of indicators in these sites. I compared all of them. In final a completed list of indicators which were depend with Urban & regional subject choused.

Any category divided in to some indicators.(between 5 until 30).the definitions  and means of these indicators are very important from statistics and Urban planning view points.It is  essential and in Iran we need them.

The definitions are Global & universal.



Title: National & Regional Tourism Planning: Experiences of three countries (Uganda, Philippines &Senegal)         

        Book name: National & Regional Tourism planning Ė Methodologies & Case Studies

        by :Professor Edward  Inskeep

        A World Tourism Organization Publication, published by Routledge 1994

I translated three cases and end part of book which were suitable for Iran as a third world country.


These Experiences covers  and argue about some approaches the essential principles and techniques  of tourism planning at the nation and region levels and show successful they can be if managed properly .these cases are  useful for both academic and professional  audience.

Case studies illustrate the different elements of planning in practice and the issues involved.

All the case studies reflect an integrated and sustainable development approaches to developing tourism. The case studies all give great consideration to balancing environmental, socio-cultural and economic objects. And community involvement in tourism recognized as essential.

Some basic planning principles are applicable in tourism areas .these principles include establishing tourism gateways, staging areas and tourism zones clustering attractions and staging development. Adequate transportation facilities are essential to provide proper access to the country or region and convenient travel within the tourism areas.

All types of education and training are essential for successful tourism.



9-3: Research  & Translation

Title: Socio Ė cultural Matter of tourism Activity


The tourism Activity has four essential matters:1-economic  2-socio cultural  3-political & 4- environmental matter.

All of them are important. From socio Ė cultural & urban & regional planning view points this section is important. The community and culture have some effects on tourism. and   both  have effects on each other. we can divide  effects to some categories:

        Tourism effects on community and culture.

        Socio Ė cultural effects on tourism.

        Cultural effects on society.

        Community effects on culture.

The effects of tourism on socio Ė cultural situations divided in to 2 categories: Positive & negative. It is some process for effecting. Some sociologists made some models for showing the process.

And some parameters are very important in effecting process, they are variety and different from a community to another community.

We cannot be certain about effects. It's possible some of them (positive or negative)never appear they are depending on situations of community and number  of tourists and the kind of plan which the planners  and governors usually make it.And we have to know and forecast the effective parameters and situation of community  for future. We need some methods and techniques .knowing the process of effects and assessing and controlling methods are essential and necessary for tourism planners.

It is a semi-completed model for knowing the process of effects. Professor Doxy studied on this case and he made a mode as Doxyís  Model. it is very useful model for analyzing  the process of effects.

In this research I described it, with using some graphs. This graphs and Model will guide the planners to obtaining optimum size of tourism growth and the optimum size of tourists, who can visit from our community .it  will guide the planners to  know an indicator for understanding the tourism development in a community as an urban or region.



 9-4: Research  & Translation

Title: Information Requirements for Cognition and Nomination of Marketing Patterns on Tourism Development.



 9-5: Research  & Translation

Title: People involvement Approach, in tourism Development Planning.



10: Summary of Thesis for Masterís Degree

Title: Strategic Planning for Regional Tourism Development, Case Study (Hamadan Province/IRAN)

        Number of pages: 700

        Completion Date: Feb. 2000, Faculty of Architectural and Urban Planning, Shahid Beheshti University

        I am working on my articles to change them into books and some other articles.


In this Thesis first we tried to find out different aspects of tourism activities such as environmental, economic, social, educational, and political and the relation between the said aspects and potential results thereof have been studies. By considering the characteristics of each aspect the nature of the tourism was cleared and stated in planning form.

In the next chapter we stated the development ways of the approach of tourism planning. Also the principals and process of planning as well as weak and power points of each approach were studies.

The results of studying tourism planning record reveal a comprehensive figure of related documents plan, goals, policies, functions and executive problems. Generally, type of tourism and the manner of growth and changes thereof and the state of the said industry was identified in Iran. Studying some global cases result a series of expandable basic principals for adding to literature of tourism development and case study (Hamadan).

For planning case studies the strategic planning model as well as strategic approach has been chosen. Before planning case study, the description of planning process, manner of distribution and combination thereof, method of preparing plan as well the relation between planning process in one chapter was essential. By applying chosen planning model in the planning of case study the efficiency of the said case was examined and an academic tourism plan was resulted. At the end some recommendations were given for the purpose of completing the said model. (Ed. Inskip. Model).




Masoud. Masoumi                                           December, 20 /2017